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A young guy asked; ‘’when you are my age, what did you do to elevate yourself among all your other associates?  How did you stand out from the crowd of other young, ambitious and driven colleagues of your day?’ Jack responded, “Great question, young man. And this is an important point for everyone to hear. The first thing you must understand is the importance of getting out of ‘the pile’. The only way you are going to stand out to your boss is to understand this simple principle: When your boss asks you a question, assigns a basic project or sends you out to gather some data, you must understand that your boss already knows the answer he is looking for. As a matter of fact, in most cases he simply wants you to go out and confirm what he already believes is true in his gut.

    ‘’Most people simply go out and do just that, “Jack continued” confirm what their boss believed to be true. But here is the difference maker. You must understand that the question is only the beginning.

When your boss asks you a question, that question should become a jumping off point for several more ideas and thoughts. If you want to elevate yourself, you must sink your thoughts and time into not only answering the question, but going above and beyond it to add value to the train of thought to your boss was on.

   “Practically speaking, that means coming back to the table and presenting to your boss not to answer, but three or more ideas, options and perspectives that were probably not previously considered by your boss. The goal is to add value to the idea and the thought by exceeding expectations when the question is given to you. This is true not only with the questions, but assignments, initiatives and everything else ever given to you to run with by upper management.

   Jack drove the point home emphatically.”So if you understand that the question is only the beginning, you will get out of the pile fast, because 99.9 percent of all employees are in the pile because they don’t think. If you understand the principle, you will always be given more critical questions to answer. And in time, you will be the one giving out the questions to others!’’




If you don’t have passion and purpose, greater productivity won’t help you!

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If what you do with the best hours of your day is not also the thing you’re passionate about, stop right now!
Stop right now and confront the cold hard facts for what they are: no amount of effectiveness training, time management skills, productivity tips and tricks or goal setting know-how will replace the critical missing ingredient of your life: passion.
Until you discover your “fire within” you will remain condemned to a life only endured, not lived; to delicacies only tasted, not devoured; to joys only imagined, not experienced. And in old age you will lament the days of your youth, when fears about money and security kept you from taking the leaps of faith and courage in the direction of your dreams.
A life lived in moderation is not the stuff of stories told to grandchildren with a twinkle in your eye.

Focus Creates Blindness

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There is a popular saying that you cannot be doing the same thing and expect a different result. When you concentrate too much on what you want to gain by doing a particular thing, you tend to lose focus of the larger picture. The world is a large pool of actions and reactions.

Approach every situation and everyone with an open mind, learn to give and sacrifice just for the sake of it, no strings attached. Nature does not allow vacuum, so when you give you actually create space to receive. Not just to receive but to receive that which you desire.

An American once told me that the difference between them and us is that, when they meet someone, they assume the best of the person until he proves otherwise. Here in our own clime, we assume the worst of anyone we come across until he proves otherwise.

You may argue that’s the reason they are susceptible to fraud, but that’s the same reason they are much more successful than we are. When you focus too much on the way things are or should be, you lose sight of what you should be doing to make things better.

Be open to ideas, trials and failures because those are the building blocks for greatness and do well to avoid “the curse of knowledge.”

Thank you. See you at the top!

Famous Failures

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As I challenge you and prepare your mind to pick up the gauntlet and start impacting your world, let me introduce you to some of the worlds most successful people who failed at one point or another but came back up to become as successful as they can be.

Michael Jordan – After being cut from his high school basketball team, he went home, locked himself and cried.


The Beatles – Rejected by Decca Recording Studios, who said “ We don’t like their sound” – “They have no future in the show business”


Eminem – A high school dropout, whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.


Steve Jobs – At 30 years old he was left devastated abd depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he stated.


Walt Disney – Fired from a newspaper for “Lacking Imagination” and “Having no Original Ideas”.


Oprah Winfrey – Was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she… “Wasn’t fit for television.”


Albert Einstein – He wasn’t able to speak until he was almost 4 years old and his teachers said he would “never amount to much”


Now, considering the impact these people have made to their generation and the entire world, what would you say about your own failures? “What people or the experts say about you is none of your business! Because “if you’ve never failed, you probably have never tried anything new.”

Man Know Thyself

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I am not an accident, I am not mass produced. I am not an assembly line product. I was deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on earth by the master craftsman.

– Max Luxedo. Best selling Author.


As a child, I had dreamt of working for the biggest corporations in the country, after I graduated from the university. This is a dream well shared by majority of graduates all over the world. As we grow up and get to know how stuff works we realize that the big corporations just can’t employ everybody and the global economic crises did not help matters either.

Instead of being lost or allow yourself to drift with the tide of life, you can discover that specific gift that the master craftsman has bestowed on you. I know you have heard similar comments before, what have you done about it?

Its convenient to blame the weather, government policies, the political party in power, our background, the economy, and everything else we can lay the blame on except the one person that should be blamed – OURSELF.

Let me explain, when you are a baby, you cry out when you are hungry and don’t stop until you are fed, you literarily go ravage any food you like and instinctively spit out anything that don’t taste nice to you. You go straight for anything that caught your fancy not minding the obstacles or difficulty in getting to it. But as you grow up, you start hearing things like, “don’t go there”, “don’t do that” “why don’t you be like others?” coupled with the desire to please our friends, family and to “fit-in”, you eventually lost yourself.

As a result, our decisions and actions are influenced by what people say or think. The limitations this places on us is so great that we wait for someone to give us jobs, wait for someone to create the jobs, wait for the right time, wait for the right person, wait for the right circumstances, the list is endless and as a result, we watch our lives pass us bye with lots of regrets at old age for unfulfilled aspirations and untapped potentials.

I’ll tell you a story about a 63 years old woman who lifted the back of a Buick to free the arm of her grandson trapped under it. Before then, the heaviest thing she had ever lifted was a 20kg bag of chicken feed. It was reported in the local news. A reporter paid her a visit to get an interview but she refused to comment on what she called “the event”. After persuasions and calling her “grand ma” at her request, she disclosed that the “event” made her ask herself questions about things she felt she could not do. She asked the reporter this question. “Does it mean that I have wasted my life?” he answered her no, that she can still do whatever she had wanted to do. She wanted to study Geography but her parents had no money to send her to college, so she gave it up.

After a little coaching, she went back to school at 63 and got a degree in Geography and went on to teach at a local school.

Is there something you could have done? You want to do? You can still do it. You don’t have to wait until you are 63 years old.

“It is my belief that there two you’s. the one you are created to be, and the one the environment has made you. Wake up the real you and start making a difference”.